Me and More
2002-07-03 11:45:03 (UTC)


Dear Diary

It's 6:30 in the morning on 7/3/02. I just had a long talk
with Brett. You know the guy I'm falling more and more in
love with. I know you don't want me to Brett but I can't
hep it. I've thought about everything that we talked about
and just little bit of caring that you want to do, is more
than any guy has ever given me, friend or boyfriend.

God, peeps, when this man talks to me he makes me feel so
special. I mean we won't even have to be talking about me,
we could be talking about GunDam(spelled right?) Or guns or
even history. Yeah sure he can go on and on sometimes,
which is a good thing cuz I love hearing him talk, lol, but
all that time I'm just thinking what a great friend I have.
It would be wonderful if things did work out but I would be
completely happy with him being happy with some one else
and just being my friend.

He made me feel so wonderful last night. The things he said
were just wow. I've never heard any one talk that way to
me. And OMG does he get the sexist voice when it get
late! ;-) Brett I know you're reading this but hey I can't
help but talk about ya! I hung up the phone with the
biggest smile on my lips last/this morning. I called him to
talk about something personal which he gave great advice
on. Thanks hun. And we just had the most amazing talk. Ps.
Brett, I still think you should try! I know I know! lol.
*sigh* I felt this happy in about a week.

Well, I'm out got things to do. Michelle if you read this I
hope things are going well! I miss you girlie! Luv ya! :-)


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