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2001-01-05 23:46:51 (UTC)

The end is near!! What will I..

The end is near!!
What will I achieve in the next century? What will I become?

I've promised myself to learn all there is to know... I know it's
Impossible, but it's always good to aim the highest. That's where I
always aim with my goals. Some might say that if I fail I will feel
depressed, but it all depends on how much you believe you will
succeed. I can take all failure that comes at me, whether it be
something serious like life and death or failure to achieve a grade.
Can you take it?

Do you believe in UFOs? Haha.. I didn't write this diary for "Dear
Diary", you know. I wrote it for you, human or not. My dad believes
that God is actually a bunch of aliens from outer space. I won't
object to that, as there is always a possibility. However, if there
is a God, then here is my own religion:

If God is an almighty being he must be just like us in
many, many ways. He first created a landscape to strode
in... but views and plants do not satisfy him. Therefor he
creates animals... smarter and smarter he creats them.
Until he get to a point where he needs the company of
someone just like him. We were then created. Our minds
are alike to his except that we are capable of thinking
things that his advanced mind cannot possibly consider. To
be advanced, my friends, we must learn to cast our
primitive thoughts aside.

"Mankind needs a God, but God does not need Mankind" --
Marilyn Manson

He was right. Whatever God is doing, he's got other
creations to take care of... other aliens or something. We
were abandoned with a machine of life. I believe there is
no Hell and that it only exist whithin the walls of one's
soul. God is not as primitive as we are, we only make him
seem so. Yes, you think that crimes should have
consequences, but God mustn't think so. It must be beyond
him! This way of thinking, of punishments and desires. It
might sound absurd to you... that a murderer should get
away with it and go to Heaven. But he might not go to
Heaven. I believe in reincarnation... in that life is
recycled so that one can learn from his mistakes. I
believe that we have the same soul in each life and that
some knowledge and wisdom aquired from last life is
recycled with you. Even though you don't remember who you
were last time, you remember the lessons you learned last
life. If and only if you develope you soul to a higher
enlightenment can you go to Heaven.

It's complicated at times, but it is the only explaination
that makes sense to me. I don't think we were made from
just dust... and I don't think animals are either. I still
wonder... do our souls disappear forever? What is the
purpose of thought if it will always die someday? Is there
a goal we must accomplish? Is there something that we must
breakthrough to stop this cycle of life... What is our

December 29th, 2000 12:20PM

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