the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2001-06-26 18:42:02 (UTC)

BUbba called !!!!

yeah Bubba called ya know the kicker ,.. not Darcy's cuz
bubba .. the 20 year old this is another Bubba from
rockport that i met and like he is 19 and was supposed to
call today like around 12 and now it is 133 and he has not
called welll i am not sure why guys have such a hard
time .. with telling time i mean .. like when they say i'll
call u back in 20 they meani'll call u back when i get
time .. or I'll call u tomorrow means u'll be lucky if I
ever call !
whoa right .. but yeah so last night i am in bed sleeping
well sorta .. okay so i was awake ... and decided to check
my cell messages .. well come to find out he called 2
times .. whoa right .. so i paged him at the number he left
me and he called back to my cell then i paged him agagin
and he called to my house and this is all taking place
around 1 in the morning and we talked t for like an hour
and then he was like well i'll call u on my lunch break
tomorrow around 12 well he did not call so i am kinda
upset but i am like well if he calls good for him ! I don't
have time to jack with dumb guys like him i don't care if
he is cute or not !
hummm and so last night i well i had my first incounter
with livestock .. and well they are not like house pets!
and now i have oneof the prep guys wanting to comeover to
my house ! whoa ! i amnot sure whatr to think he was all
come over to my house andi am like no u comeover here
so w/e !
i dunno iam going to bounce lates