Life of Joolz
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2001-06-26 18:35:29 (UTC)

Tuesday 26th June 2001

Not good at all since Sunday. Didn't kip-only 3 and half
hrs on Sunday, and last night 4 hrs. Am too exhausted to
type, speak anything. Sleep deprivation has set in again.

What's happened is computer crashed with fatal error last
night. AGAIN. Got in from work shattered and switched comp
on at 5 to check bank account. Big red and blue screen of
death and NAV error message. Tried for 3 hrs to restore
comp but to no avail. Had to put dreaded red floppy in and
rescue comp to factory settings. Also I aint slept and had constant
headache, and work's been shite and too effing busy.

So... I have lost 381 cheezy pop songs from Napster, all my
photos I had scanned,and everything mainly. The only thing
I did manage to back up was my spreadsheets and book.
Bolox to this comp. I am so disheartened again I feel like
throwing the towel in.
Cost £8.00 for phonecall to Freeserve last night at 11pm to
get me back online etc. He said my comp was corrupted
again, probably due to a virus via email. It's beyond me is
all this, and I had just subscribed to Norton for another
year and still this is no guarantee of protection. Now
Norton says my subscriptions are out of date and I only
paid a tenner two weeks ago-just emailed them but I don't
expect to get a response-so what a pile of claptrap that
Am fed up and pissed off, not just coz I've lost everything
on comp, but coz I am so bloody weary and tired-I've had
enough and need to chill out. Thank God I finish work
Thursday. Can't wait and then it's off to Norway on the

Mum rang at 4pm-wanted to come up on her own by bus Friday
and then Derek was gonna pick her up on Sunday when he
brings Mike back up. Had to say no coz Ron and I are off
work Friday and doing summat-feel guilty now a bit for
turning her down. However Mum said she would try fit in car
Saturday but it's laden with Mike's stuff. I said she could
still come up Saturday, but Friday's out as we have summat
planned. Sigh.

Feel I cannot cope with visitors this weekend as I am too
tired and I don't feel so well. Quite weak. Vanessa's
coming Thursday to see me so looking forward to that, and
hope she's staying for tea. Ron says my evening meal is
ready-having oven baked fish again (must go coz too tired)

Weather's been v.warm for 2 days and Ron's got hayfever and
waking up at 4am unable to breathe. I wake up too.

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