Why Me?
2002-07-03 09:20:30 (UTC)

Diary, Sometimes it s all..


Sometimes it's all too much, diary. But right now, I could still cry from a message I received about half an hour ago...a good friend of mine said some of the nicest things that anyone has ever said to me. He shows me what people should be like: free, open-minded, strong in his beliefs. I've never talked to anyone so... like him.
But, even if I've got him, the rest of my life is still a vortex of pain. My mother is working too hard, afraid to talk to anyone because she'll blow up at them - so she's opted to go for the "Fuck up Erin's summer" plan. Nice of her, isn't it? And my brother is an asshole druggy who insists upon antagonizing my father, thereby keeping the entire family in a state of constant turmoil. Yip. Ee.
I do so hate people - this damn commercial pisses me off. It's for Pantene Pro-V...some blond whore giggling inanely about how life is all abot good hair. Actually, many people are bald. A lot of great people have had terrible hair. Does that devalue them in the eyes of their work? No, rather it gives them character. It's all about the hair, is it? Chyeah...(I don't think I like that spelling, but that's pretty much how I pronounce the elocution "yeah" skeptically, so so be it.)
At any rate, I suggest you people go to bed and sleep, because it's almost 5:30 AM..bad insomniacs! Bad! Sleep well, diary...


Vanilla Coke is good, by the way...very good. Delicious, one might say...