fake plastic diary
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2002-07-03 09:02:27 (UTC)

whilst eating coco pops i wrote this

good day to you kind sir. my computer is completely fucked
too. it refuses to shut down or start up properly, keeps
dying on me and wont let me on anything. its so difficult
to write emails at the mo. but i try my best. oh god
yeah....u really gotta watch those polar bears. they are
real evil.
well at college they werent real lessons. just a taster of
the type of lessons and u could basically do whatever u
wanted. dont u have an induction day?
i use the word pants meaning trousers. duh. sounds less
formal. if i was gonna use it for the word knickers, id say
panties. very american yes. but such a cute word. im not
very much into clothes but i just threw out a load of stuff
that was old and worn out, so i need new stuff. i always
hated shopping when i was younger, but i love it now. not
that i care about fashion. well, not conventional fashion
anyway. i got my own thing going and i dont care how
ridiculous it looks.
anna kornikova eh? well, fair enough. that would be so
weird wouldnt it.....sleeping with someone famous. would u
ever actually do that, if given the chance? i mean, its
like everyones fantasies, but if u were given the
oh my god. i cant believe that anyone with ginger hair
would ever even think that sideburns could look good.
sorry! it probably did have huge huge comedy value, just
not the sort u would want. u shouldnt av told me that. i
cant stop laughin and i feel real bad for doing so. lol. ah
well. sigh. hair dressers are attractive cos theyr mostly
gay. except for the women who always seem to be wearing too
much make up and always have dyed blonde hair and gold
jewellery. i have a phobia of hairdressers as i may have
mentioned and i am now freaked out at the thought of them.
i need to get a haircut, but im leaving it until i really
need to go. some doctors are nice. well, thats what tv
would led me to believe. ive not been to the doctors for
years, but from what i remember they were all indian. and
they all seemed to have big beards. shudder.
anyway, arent nurses supposed to be attractive. isnt that
like a big male type fantasy? or is that just tv lying to
us again?
i dunno why streetlights are orange. they just are, unless
ur wearing xens glasses with the reddish coloured lenses
cos then the lights look green. its really cool.
i love getting post. this morning i got a letter from my
friend tanzilla, a letter from summer school with details
about travel arrangements, a letter from the bank with my
pin number, a catalogue thing (with gorgeous models in) and
kerrang magazine. yeah, the novelty of getting post just
never wears off.
well, i got another day of doing nothing. sigh. im not in
the mood for going out with my mates again. im gonna read
some more. im going thru another big reading phase. i
started apocalypso by robert rankin last nite. its sooooo
funny. i love rankins books cos theyr weird. and hilarious.
like how do u get away with calling a character mr
im sighing way too much this morning. sigh. well, gonna go
now. love you loads. mwah! dont u just love that air kiss
sound? av a lovely day/nite/general life. xxx