Amandas Twisted Life
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2002-07-03 07:12:06 (UTC)

wuts new??

ARGH!! my last entry(the one i did last night) didnt get
posted...it said it was saved but its not listed...:( oh
well fuck it.
today i talked to joe...he talked to jackie and she said
she really wanted me to go out w/ him. so he asked me and i
said yes...cool i guess
my ex charles said he was moving to virginia...i know i
shouldnt really care but everytime i think about it i wanna
cry:( i really dont want him to leave and i think its kinda
my fault...see he always acts like he doesnt like me
anymore and he has a gf now...but when i told him about joe
he got sad and said he was moving bal bla bla..i dont know
wut to do. should i tell him how i feel?? i dont want joe
to think im still sprung on chrales or anything...im so
ne ways...today i went to the movies w/ jackie... we saw
mr. deeds thats a cool movie...we were about to leave when
we saw our friend David. he went to school w/ us and he
graduatedd this yr. and he works at the movie theatre...he
showed us the place upstairs where they play the movies and
let us watch 1 for free... we saw scooby doo...jackies
never seen it b 4 but i have.... he said he would get us
tickets to the powerpuff girls tomorrow!! yay!!! that
movies gonna kick ass!! well thats all i have to say so im
gonna go...thanx for reading!!