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2002-07-03 06:15:41 (UTC)

Your Wait Has Ended

Well, after suffering through months of e-mail reminders
from this here website, I finally chose to add a new
entry. Hell, I don't even remember what was going on the
last time I did one of these, but I don't care enough to
look right now. I'm not in the mood to reminisce like
that. I don't get many sentimental and/or philosophical
moods anymore. But I don't care either. I'm changing like
any normal person should, and I think I have an idea of
where I'm headed... Recently I've come to realize that as
much as I may claim to hate it, my home is a part of me.
The majority of my friends hate it here and are making
their plans for leaving and never returning, but I don't
think I could do that. Anytime I return home from being
away, I get these feelings that I'm going to my place of
security. Seeing the Woodruff exit on I-26 coming from
Columbia or getting onto 26 from 85, I always start feeling
good no matter what has happened. And my other big reason
for not leaving is that I couldn't go that far from my
mom. I don't know how I'll be affected come September, but
moving away just doesn't seem possible. I'm a southerner,
not the stereotypical one by any means, but I still am
That's enough of that subject. I'll trek onwards in
another direction. The first thing to finally come to me:
my cdplayer. I'm beginning to find that I really enjoy
setting it on 'all discs shuffle' and just singing along
with whatever comes out. It tests my knowledge of my cds,
and keeps me from having to bug my friends to get them to
pick a number 1-60 since I can never pick cds myself.
You know, the obvious subject I should be droning on
forever about here is Folly Beach. The only problem is, I
can't think of what to say. Yeah, it was the best trip of
my life. What is it I should be expected to do, drone on
about how I'll miss it forever and can't believe that it's
gone? I think I'm starting to take the opinion that Keely
has. Or at least the opinion it seems to me she has.
Yeah, it'll be sad, but life will continue. I'm going to
be ready for the next step in life. Ehh...I've had way too
much deep crap for now. Time to watch some Roseanne and