Millie Wants, But Doesn't Get
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2001-06-26 17:28:02 (UTC)

CONFUSED..(part 2) and My DAd


My dad sometimes can be real nice and stuff.. but there is
another side to him. He has SUCh a bad temper.. I can't
stand it! It is all becasue of my step-mom..whenever they
are in a fight.. dad yells at us when we don't do something
right away for her. It makes me sooooo mad! I hate being
here.. it is soooo boring!!! There is never anything to do!!
Excpet yesterday was okay..cuz iwent swimming.
Anyway.. For those of you who are reading this please read
some of my other entries if you would like. I would like
get get feedback on some of these thing!!! lol. And any way
I would like to get to know some of you people! A lot of you
sound REAL cool!
Well I found out last night that Joe told Brent that I
liked him. I t made me real mad cuz I told him not to do
it. And all Brent said was that he didn't know me.. and
thats why I didn't want him to know so I could get to know
him without feeling weird. I wanna know him better but now
I am too afraid to even get near him because I know he knows
thatI like him. I don't know I am still confused (for those
who just jumped in on this enrty read i think it was 2
entries ago what my problem was) Well thanks for listening!!