lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-07-03 05:19:46 (UTC)

"good morning sunshine"

i was in the middle of having the best dream where
every freaking person was involved and life was
beautiful. it all started with zach playing guitar in his
room while i was just drooling (which DID actually
happen)...and then as we were just arriving at hume,
when i heard my door open and i woke up. i couldn't
see anyone, so i just groaned and all of a sudden there
was this blast of water in my face. the next thing i heard
was a nasty high-pitched voice saying, "good morning,

phil came over. ahh what a beauty. so i had to get out
of bed & tell him how to feed the dog since he's feeding
our dogs since he "reallly needs money". uh huh. after
high school's over he realizes this. haha. and as i was
explaining things he asks, "when are you guys
leaving?" and i said, "tonight" and my mom said "what?
we're leaving tomorrow. didn't your dad tell you?" no.
he didn't. so i've been heeeeere all day, just kickin it
since i ended up with an extra 16 hours to kill.

and my brother spies on me. he reads my secret
things, listens to what i'm doing through the walls, sits
in my room when i'm begging him to leave...and he's
reading this, too, i'm i'm frustrated. he needs
to leave me alone. oh well. soon he'll have a girlfriend
and i will TORTURE the poor soul.