lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-07-03 05:08:36 (UTC)

what looks cool is NOT cool

namely, mac computers. these things suck. every time
i've gotten on AOL on it, i've been kicked off. grr. my
last few entries have just disappeared, too, so uuugh i
am frustrated.

plus my mom yelled at me multiple times & i had no
idea why and when we went out for me to practice
driving today, she took the keys after we went to target
and said "it takes too long when you drive" so i was all
mad. and then she asked if i needed new running
shoes and i said i'd buy some in the next month and
she said "NO! you don't need new ones!" so i got really
confused since she'd asked me to begin

and then brian started being brian-ish and then i came
on here to check if my entries had been saved and HEY
they hadn't. and then i realized i had pulled a chunk of
hair out of my scalp. it was so weird. it reminded me of
an article i read in some magazine of marisa's. the
article was about people who have like a psycho-
disorder where they pull out their hair under stress.
hmm sounds like fun to me! tee it's all good, i
just happened to pull out a massive chunk.