Nicky's World
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2002-07-03 04:40:33 (UTC)

killer butterflies

today i rode on the southern belle, it's this boat thing
that takes you on tour of the tenn. river. it was soooo
boring! it was the most boring thing we've done all summer!
i hated it. the only good part was the food. oh and on the way back i
had arm sex with matt n. that was some great stuff. lol.

anyways... i went to the mall after work. and i talked to
the manager at debs and told her i was sorry for what
brittani done and all that stuff. i felt kinda bad. cause i
didn't say anything to brittani about it. i should have
said something maybe at least then it may have helped. i
don't know i guess i just thought she wouldn't listen to me.
oh well.. everything happens for a reason so.. it's just
all in God's plan.

then we left to go to my brothers game and he won.
then we went back to the mall.. and i went and saw brandon
at spencers. then the mall was closing so i waited for
brandon to get off. then i saw matt matt.

brandon gave me a ride to mendy's car a round the mall and
somehow we kissed... it was kinda wierd.

it's like, i like him and everything but i'm just not used
to brandon like that. i think he is comfused too. i wish i
could read guys minds... that would be a usefull super

zac is over and he is getting on my nerves!!!

well i'm out.

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