It smells like poop over here
2002-07-03 04:40:01 (UTC)

rea;lly tired, but cool

went to jess's party for millie. like 3 girls kept making
insinuations about me, and talking aobut sex and the what
not. jess tried to put her hand down by pants, but not
really. i made out with her before i left, but i heard her
say, "i don't even wanna go out with him, i just wanna..."
i forgot what she actually said, but she basically said she
wanted to hook up. so that's what id like to do. but id
kinda like to go out with her. but she obviously doesn't
wanna go out with me, cause she just broke up with chris
but now she's got a new bf. she always kisses other guys
and stuff, so i don't think a relationship would be worth
the hassle i know we'd have. she's pretty fine, cause i
like big chicks. id like to have a hook up and hang out
relationship, but only to each other. yeah, cause that
could happen with me and a 16 year old. god i hate this


make sense?