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2002-07-03 03:40:39 (UTC)

Weird Day

Dear Diary,
LOL Man As You Read My Diary Entries You'll Notice How I
Change My Mind Easily In The Days To Come LOL But Hey Thats
My Life So Therefor...Leave Me Alone J/K.Well I Decided And
Came To The Conclusion That I Dont Need Anyone In My Life
To Make Me Happy Cause There Is Prently Of Time And Gurls
Out There To Meet At Any Time And Ocassion!As Of Today Im
Fine The Way Iam And Im Glad For Whatever Reason That Is.
Anyways My Day Was Hectik And Crazy! Why, Because First Of
All I Had To Work My Ass Off For The First Time(Shhhh *wink
wink*)I Was So Tired I Spilled Three Drink In Front Of My
Manager In Less Than 15 Minutes At Different Times Just
Trying To Stack Them Up(She Laughed Instead Of Getting Mad
What A Psycho)Anyways After All That Guess Who Went To See
Me At Work Surprisingly?Yes Yes Like I Said Life Is Full Of
Surprises!My Ex Sylvia! Wat!!!! I Said Tha Same Thing I
Mean Her Out Of The Blue After Not Seeing Her Since Tha
Last Day Of School(I Mean I Talk To Her In Tha Phone And
Eveything But Its Different)!WE Talked For A Long Time And
Im So Lucky Not TO Have Gotten Fired LOL.Well Guess What
Else? I Heard From ANOTHER Chick Today About Some Gurl(Name
Must Remain Anonymous)That Shes Been Telling Folks Ive Been
Trying To Holla At Her So....Knowing Me I Couldnt Take It
And Got Tha Same Chick Who Told Me And Asked Me If I Was To
Call Her On Three Way To See Wasssup(As Usual She Denied It)
I Hate It When Gurls Lie To Make Themselves Look COOL!Im
Gonna Be Honest With Ya If I Sweat Or Like Someone Ill Tell
YA And Not Be A Fucken Pussy Bout It!"You Aint Gotta Lie To
Fucken Kick It With Me Aight"Anyways I Got School Tomorrow!
Grrr...& Gotz To Wake Up At 5:45 AM So I Can Get There
Early Since It 2nd Semester And Pick Up My Cuz!I Kinda
Wanna Go Though Just To See Whos New In There Hehehehe!I
Kinda Wanna Admit Something But Im Not Quiet Sure If I
Should Cause Ummmm........Its A Lil Too Late And
Well.....Ill Just Tell Ya Laterz!Well I Still Gotz To Take
A Showa And Wash And Some Folks TO Call So I Guess I Gotz
To Bounce Bounce Out Of Here ~☼Manny Fresh Out This Hoe☼~

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