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2002-07-03 03:15:35 (UTC)

i'm not too lost now...

i spent a week or so at teh farm with the i'm stayin with my sissy...she's still
teh greatest. my cousins are cool, so is my uncle. i think
i actually miss being at my's strange....i just
think i miss being alone. here im always accompanied by
soemone. don't get me wrong, i love it here, but i dunno. i
have a head ache. lol. i am dying for a cig...sissy and
uncle teddy both smoke, so m surrounded by smoke and
packs....but i just cant bring myself to steal one. i love
em too much.
when i sleep, i ALWAYS dream now. it's not as cool as it
sounds. i wake up, and i remember everything about the
dream, i even remember having total control over the dream.
that's not how it used to be, used to, i just sat down and
got strapped in for the ride through dream land. i had no
control over anything.
i think it's raingin out again. wh00t.
i've been considering going to see a head doc this past
week...i think i need to. i'm gettin depressed agian, well
gtg, too many ppl around here, no privacy. i sleep on a