~fRogS mOo 4 miLk~
2001-06-26 16:36:34 (UTC)

~*fiRst EntRy*~

Hmmm...this is my first entry...well i have another diary
thing...but its not here, its at opendiary.com, i was kinda
gettin bored n' i wanted something new so i thiught id try
this out...well im not 2 sure if i like it, i mean i think
i like the other 1 better cuz u can change the colors n'
every thing on that 1 but u can't here. Oh well..i dunno if
ill keep writing in this 1, i prolly will for a while, but
i dunno, you'll just have to wait and find out.
Well my name is jessica i live in michigan...well right now
im in Florida thought visiting my mum cuz she lives here.
I'll be here 4 a month so that'll be pretty kewl. Well im
14. my b-day is on dec 10.
Today ill prolly go swim in the pool and get a tan or
something..im not sure yet. man im really bored. My mom is
at a doctors appointment cuz she WAS pregnet but not NE
more...cuz she lost the baby, which is sad, but oh well
life goes on i guess.
well i have a boyfriend back in Michigan. I love him so
much, ill prolly talk about him alot. He's 16. I miss him
alot..geez this is gonna be really hard not to see him 4 a
whole month ya know? well yeah. I love him so much. I have
$137.00 to spend here in Florida n' ill prolly spend most
of it on craig. i love him so much you dun even know. No
words can describe how i feel...i will marry him some day
and we'll have kinds n' it'll be all good..but yeah...not
NE time soon, but eventually like when im outta school n'
stuff...well if i ever get there...
i hate school so so so much. I failed 7th grade 4 the 1st
time i passed it this year. I'm suppost 2 be goin in 9th
but instead im goin in 8th....oh well i guess, life goes on.
Well if ya'all wanna talk to me or something you can email
me at [email protected], or if ya got msn, aim, or
msn: [email protected],
[email protected]
aim: froggie8654
yahoo: froggy13z, jessica54_98

wells i gots 2 go!
love alwayz~*~*~jessica~*~*~