I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-07-03 02:28:20 (UTC)

More about Maine...

The house will have a widow's walk. I've always wanted
one. I've already found the weather vane that I want. It's
a sail boat. I don't really care if there are people
nearby or not. Living in this house means that I'll have
to get a truck. A big pick-up. Seems like the right thing
to have. And lots of sweaters. I love sweaters. I don't
get to wear them in FL.

We were watching The Shipping News, and it chronicles a
man's life on an island in Canada. It's beautiful. But I
don't want to live in Canada. I love my country. I want to
be a US citizen. I'm happy to go to other places and visit
and learn and see, but I want this country to be my home.
Living here already kinda gives me a headstart. I don't
have to do anything to accomplish that. *grinning*

I'm slowly looking for furniture for my house as well. I
already know which bed. I used to visit it as often as I
could when it was in a store down here. It's a California
King four poster. It is probably about 4 feet off the
ground. You have to climb into it, literally. It's a
beautiful blonde wood. Too bad I don't know what kind.