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2002-07-03 02:03:59 (UTC)

A couple of days ago Judy,..

A couple of days ago Judy, Jillian and Caitlin were in an
accident. The driver of another car had a heart attack.
Judy and jillian were banged up, but nothing critical. But
Caitlin is still in ICU with a skull fracture. It's
looking pretty bad. She's my youngest cousin, and I keep
seeing her as a little baby, or toddler, and it's hard to
think of her as big as she is now, and especially hard to
think of her hooked up to life support. I'm not very good
at, or about praying, but I've been trying, rather badly...
but I think God understands me. I may not pray a lot, but
I still talk to Him. And right now, it's mostly about
Caitlin. Mom's pretty torn up. She's her brother's
daughter, and so I think she's the most upset of all of
us. I keep forgetting, and then remembering and feeling