My problems.
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2002-07-03 01:57:42 (UTC)


Woah, apparently everyones life is peachy except for
mine. I am happy that their lives are going great for
them but at the same time I am so jealous. My life on
the other hand is not "perfect." Instead I sit on my butt
all day long and have no one to hang out with.

My life is slowly reshaping itself but yet I miss everyone
I used to hang out with. I am so unhappy right now and
I still feel as though I will never be happy for a long
period of time.... I mean I get my ups and I get my
downs but I will never find anyone to share my
happiness with. I will never find that one "person".
How does this make me feel? Just shitty. I am jealous
of everyone around me that has found someone to love.
Everyone. I have never experienced that emotion
called "love." Though I've given my love to other people
I have not recieved love from anyone really except my
family. The only person that I truly think really loved me
was April. Sad to say. But true in some fashion. I gave
up April because I acted different around my friends,
and I guess my friends mean more to me then LOVE. I
dunno anymore.

I just really want someone to love me and be there and
everything you get when you go out with someone. I
just want to love someone. :(...

I showed Sayde my song and she said it was really
good and sounded like it was profesionally written.
Maybe I'll send it to some producers or something and
someday you'll hear my song on the radio. If anyone
really wants to see it. Message me.



Artists Saves the Day I Think I'll Quit

I think you're a really neat person
and I think I want to spend some more times with you
cause you aren't boring and your phone skills are really
you call me up again
I think I really like you
you're in my thoughts all the time
I remember what you look like
I can picture us walking hand in hand and side by side
then I look into your grey-blue eyes
I like you an awful lot.