SuGaR RuSh
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2002-07-03 01:43:13 (UTC)

dont wait for the sun

2day was good then it turned in 2 shit...all thanks 2 the
lil bitch herself allie of course if i splash someone thats
outside of the pool i get screamed @ but noo not the lil
fuckin princess...i get fuckin soaked and no one says a
word 2 her...god i know im gunna try n kill her when we r
on vacation and im goin 2 kennywood on fri w/ sum of my
fam...i wanna go but i dont cuz i cant stand them most of
the time...and dan is bringin his gf who is my age and hes
like what 20-21 sjsadfhasj y do they always have 2 bring
thar fuckin bf's and gf's its not like u never c them...ur
w/ them all day every fuckin day and u c us like what mabye
4 times a yr?! and if i even wanted 2 bring a friend not a
bf down 2 thar house i would get yelled @ and they would b
like " that was really stupid of u 2 bring them...u were
suppose 2 spend time with ur family" BLAH BLAH BLAH and its
not like any of them even ask me 2 go sumwhere if i ever go
down thar anymore they r always w/ thar bf or gf's
hmm...what else can i bitch about....oh ya on vacation i
swear 2 god sum1 will die if me n krysten dont get @ least
one 1/2 bathroom cuz every family gets 1 whole bathroom
and then im pretty shure thars 2 1/2 bathrooms and that
means one will b left over 4 just lil stupid
stuff...hmm...oh yea i found out yesterday that ahf is
gunna b @ warped tour and im not going buttttt my bestest
friend in the whole wide world wes is gunna try 2 get me a
ticket cuz he got connections :) and the bestest part is
that its free :) and i gotta pay bert back 4 the kennywood
ticket... *bert remind me cuz i know i will 4get* god i
needa jobb...but its reallllly stupid 2 get one rite be4 i
go on vacation..mabye ill start my job searchin again after
vacation..oh ya i 4got the 4th of july is be4 kennywood so
we will c how everything is contacts came in 2
day yayaya oh mi gawd..thars these shoes that i
neeeeeeeeeedddddd 2 get lordy they r great....well that was
enough bitchin 4 one day...another perfect day :)
and remember....tabaco is wacko!