her wish eternal
2001-06-26 15:36:54 (UTC)

her wish

she came to me before I dreamed, in words of black and white
we sat together in our minds and talked all through the
I told her things I could do to her, to make her feel
she asked me to write them down in words of black and white


I told her once that I would love to tie her up. She's a
good girl, but she carries her own form of kink. She nodded
and said, "yeah, that'd be nice."

When I was with her last, I begged her to let me masturbate
in front of her, staring at her face. She agreed, so long as
I blindfolded her and promised not to touch her with it. I
agreed, happy for the chance.

I ended up gagging her with another tie. She then touched
herself while I masturbated and fondled her exposed breast.

A while later we decided to try again. And I blindfolded
her, then, instead of gagging her, I kissed her. She felt
skin and thought I was taking her orally. She opened her
mouth wider.

My good girl opened her mouth wider. I almost did give it to
her. But I had promised earlier to be less evil than that,
so I put the gag in and started my attentions on her body.

I came, then, a little later, pulling my shorts back over
myself as I did so to keep it from landing on her. She
muttered "careful" as I came, probably thinking I was close.
She had no idea.

we kissed and cuddled and life was good...that was the last
time I was with her...

and while I won't be with her again for a while, there are
always the fantasies...there are always the thoughts...