I Debbie...
2001-06-26 15:23:10 (UTC)

Been Such A Long Time

Hello there. I know it has been a really long time since I
wwrote in here last, but it has been busy. Life is fairly
good and I am enjoying myself. How is it whenever I want to
talk to someone on line they are never here but when I don't
they get on line? But anyway, I visited with Ed last night.
It was nice but I think the spark is gone. I can see him now
for the person he really is vs the one I thought I
remembered Scott to be. I don't think I could be with
someone who is sooo wrapped up in a machine that gives you
an adrenaline rush. That just seems so materialistic to me.
After a certain point you just get burnt out. Like me with
not shopping as much. But at least that is a basic need and
I can recognize it when I am just shopping to look. And the
money issue, jeeze,I don't know how you can spend so much
money on something you can only use five months out of the
year at best. At least a car you drive around alot more.
Speaking of that is the one thing that is still our
stumbling block. But I don't want to talk about that right
I think I will look at my former entries and then get
off. I need to look at my checkbook before I go to work. I
have the day off tomorrow and I need to decide how I want to
do my July 4th thing. See ya' later!!!!
I Debb