My life
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2002-07-02 23:52:56 (UTC)

catch up

hey, well ive gotta catch up..ok well brant did come back
on time, but see he didnt want to see me!!! so he told
everyone not to tell me he was i was mad but
we are ok now, but he looks diff, he got taller and lost
sum wieght while he was gone, he is growing up, and im just
falling more n lvoe with him. but he dosent want me. uhh i
hate saying that. neways, so i was mad at brant bc he didnt
tell me he was back so i started going out w/ this guy
named james (BIG MISTAKE) that boy is a hoe!!! he has had 5
g/fs n the past week..haha..but nothing else has happend.
gg luv ya