The Not So Secret Confessions Of Kat
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2002-07-02 23:22:38 (UTC)


i would just like to know......... is there really such
thing as a true friend (or human for that matter)?!!?
iev gone through more frineds than most preps do. im the
exact opposite of a prep. nice trust worthy some what of a
nerd no no more like a no body. plain (although on bad days
im the ugliest human being to step foot on this planet) not
a slut drug addict or anything like that im not skinny but
im not fat either, i just think im normal. so anyway why is
it after about 2 yeras if im lucky my so called friends
desert me. even my two closest friends rach and robyn whom
iev known since pre school and 1st grade are begining to
slip gracefully away. i dont know what to do about myself.
next school year i shall enter high school all alone and 10
times more miserable. if i had courage i would no longer
have a beating heart i wouldbe 6 feet under in fact. nice
is about the only good quality i have. im stupid currently
have NO real friends suicidal un happy no talents to speak
of what so ever not plain but ugggggggggglyhorrible figure
and never/m the list goes on and on and on...... i could
write a fraeking encyclopedia on whats wrong with me.
all i do is sit at home write and read oh and watch tv of
course :( anyway i didnt mean for this to be so long so ill
go now.