The Boy Looked At Johnny
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2002-07-02 22:56:22 (UTC)

Jumping someone else's train

It's been very hot here lately...did I mention that? I may
have. It's scrambling my brains.

Things have been going well with Jessy and I; she is the most amazing
person. The only trouble, really, is me getting so nervous, so angsty
over things. You know..."things." We've been having a really good
time, though. It's hard to not think once in awhile that it'll most
likely be over in a few weeks, but at the moment, it's been really
good. Tomorrow night we're going to go out and see "Jaws" at Schenley
Park, and then spend the 4th together. I'm really looking forward to

OK. I thought I saw in a tabloid that Gideon Yago of MTV
news fame was dating Kewlly Osbourne. Is this true? If so,
this conspiracy by MTV to co-opt the post-indie rock
movement before it even gets launched is deeper than I can
fathom. Kelly Osbourne is launching a career as a
Strokette! MTV is right behind her! Her reality show is
merely a platform from which to launch said career! My
goodness, there have been such exciting records coming out
in the last year (Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, BRMC, White
Stripes, all that fun rock & roll stuff that indie snobs
hate), a trend seems to be emerging, and Kelly Osbourne is
right there, ready to jump our train! As a former member of
the Blowup in Japanese, I feel like a pioneer of post-indie
rock (ha ha!), and feel most agitated that it is already
being co-opted by a no-talent celebrity offspring!

Most agitated indeed!

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