Krystal Faerie

My told by Krystal Faerie
2001-06-26 14:29:43 (UTC)

*~Day Two of the Rest of My Life~*

I have only been up for a little while and I am already
hearing shit from my mom. My aunt called last night and
told me that she had went and got her eyebrow pierced. She
said she wanted to take me to go and get my belly-button
pierced at the same time, but my mom said "no" because I am
enliting in the Marine Corps. I still have a damn year that
I could enjoy the thing. I am in the process of convincing
my mother that after my physical, I can get it done and
enjoy it a litte bit. The shit I go through with my mom...

It is later in the day. I am sitting here at home, doing nothing at
all. I had a talk with someone, who shall remain nameless, and that
person had told me a whole bunch of shit about Brandon. I called
Brandon up and he told me that none of that was true. So I asked him
to come over if he had the chance so that he and I could talk face-to-
face and straighten this shit out.

I am sitting here, waiting for Brandon to arrive. He told me he would
be here. I don't know if he is going to show up or not. I am also on
the phone with my best friend Debbie. She is taking me and Ron to a
baseball game in Downtown. I cannot wait to get out of the house.
Maybe I can get my mind off Brandon for a little while. Her brother
Jimmy has designated me as his "honorary girlfriend" for the day. He
doesn't even know me. I find it quite funny. I'll write more tonight.

I just got back from the Baseball game with Debbie, Ron, and Jimmy
(her brother). Jimmy likes me. He is only 14 but he is pretty cool
for a 14 year old. The game was really boring, we didn't even watch
the game. Jimmy and I hung out together most of the time because Ron
and Debbie were with each other. He listens to the same music I do,
so when he let me listen to his CDs and I saw Godsmack, I was so
happy :) I had to listen to "Whatever". I know that I am never going
to want anyone but Brandon, but that doesn't mean I cannot be friends
with guys. After all, I have stopped worrying about his female
friends. I started crying in the van on the way home because of the
song "Hanging By A Moment". It came on the radio and it just made me
think of (surprisingly) Brandon. I couldn't help but start to cry.
Jimmy was like, "bring back memories?" How did he know what was wrong?
I don't know. But he seems like a cool guy. That is what happened
today. Wait, I got a hug from Brandon :D

"Born to fight, Trained to kill, Ready to die, But never will."

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