2001-01-05 23:31:00 (UTC)

Hey people~ I just wanted to..

Hey people~
I just wanted to say thanks to that person that will be
finding out about the game. I no longer need the advice
though. I have figured out how to do the special jumps and
how to finish the game. I've done nothing but sat in front
of the tv and played it. But thanks for checking around
for me.

As for my life right now it's great. The only thing that
sucks is I won't be able to see my man until Monday. He's
helping his friend move this weekend which means I'll get
to see him tonight before I go to work tomorrow and then
I'll have to wait until Monday to see him. That SUCKS!!!!

Yesterday my sister, my man and I went shopping. It was a
lot of fun. Between the both of them they had me laughing
non-stop. We hit up 2 malls yesterday. It was so funny
cuz in the 2nd mall, my man would change his accent and
personality. One minute he was a big flame with the lisp
and everything and then 2 seconds later he was a red-neck
from the south. It was so funny.