my mixed up world
2001-06-26 14:15:51 (UTC)

Alright I guess I'll tell you

Well I guess I could have written yesterday and told you
all about Richmond but what the hell, I was lazy and had
things to do. Sorry! Oh well it's not like anyone is
reading this anyway! So I guess I'll get on with it, I
should probably give you some info on people first:

Erin~ my 21 year old sister who lives in Richmond, she goes
to school down there and decided to stay down there for the
summer, she's cool and we get along really good now that
she doesn't live at home!

Shawn~ Erin's ex boyfriend of 3 years. They broke up
because he cheated on her while he was drunk, but she still
loves him and he wants to get back together with her. He's
a cool guy, he has three tattoos, one is on his arm
(forearm) and it's of people and faces coming out of a
fire, it streaches up to his bicept (I can't spell, sorry)
where the arms of the people coming out of the fire kinda
disappear and there's grass, he hasn't got it done but
above the grass you're going to see the hands of the people
coming out of the fire turning into flowers that this
little boy is picking for a little girl. On his left calf,
he has what he calls "punk flowers", don't ask I don't
understand it either. On his right calf, he has a tattoo of
and alien fetaus with nothing below it's elbows and nothing
below it's knees, I know that sounds well, disturbing but I
like it alot! Well that's enough about Shawn.

Basla~ my sister's roomate, she wasn't there when I went
down. But she's cool, one very cool thing about her is that
she's Vegan, I don't know if anyone knows what that is or
not, but it's when not only does she not eat meat but she
doesn't eat ANYTHING that comes from animals. Before I knew
anything about it I couldn't understand why she did this, I
mean milking a cow doesn't HURT the cow right?! Well in a
sense that's right the actual process of milking the cow
doesn't hurt but farmers give their cows certian steriods
(*I guess I don't really remember what is was for sure)
that make them produce lager amounts of milk. Like a normal
healthy cow, who wasn't given anything, produces like 3.4
tons of milk per whatever, while a milk who was given
something might produce 7.5 tons. Looking at the pictures
in a pamflet called "Why Vegan" was scary, the cow's udder
was huge! bigger than a basketball, it was just wrong. I
wish that I could stop eating meat and such but right now I
don't think that's possible.

Jill~ one of my sister's close friends, they are going to
California on Wednesday together, I can't remember when
they'll get back.

Luke~ my sisters straight edge friend, who's really hot, he
looks like this guy Tony that I know only maybe hotter!

Jimmy~ they call him Jimbo, he's a really cool guy, he came
down with Shawn to see Erin, there's not much to write
about him, I don't know.

Meghan~ another one of my sister's friends.

Amanda~ same as Meghan.

(*Jill, Luke, Meghan, and Amanda came down together, they
all spent the night--- while Shawn and Jimbo came down
together, they spent the night too)

Ok here's my story about the night:
I've been down at my sisters since like Thursday and we
hung out with a lot of her friends, and what do you think
they do for fun down there (In richmond)yeah drink and
smoke weed,well I didn't want to do any of that stuff you
know?I mean I gave that up because I the last time I got
drunk I made out with a guy that I met only 15 mins before.
So anyway I didn't know what I was going to do because I
didn't want to be antisocial you know? Well the first
night, her friends just wanted to hang out and watch movies
so it was easy not to drink and stuff, then the next day I
was getting kinda scared because about 7 more people were
coming down to visit my sister and I knew that they
wouldn't just want to watch movies all night, anyway they
get down there and start talking about the parties that
they are going to go to and how wasted they are going to
be, and I noticed that this guy Luke, that I had met
before, wasn't talking about all that so I went over to him
and asked him what was up and why he wasn't over with the
rest of them making plans about getting drunk and high.
Well he explained to me that he was straight edge, meaning
that he doesn't drink or do drugs and he never has, to make
a long story short me and Luke hung out that night we
talked about everything and anything there was to talk
about, that night when we were setting up sleeping
arrangements Jill (my sister's best friend) said "Why
don't Luke and Natalie share Basla's room?" it made sense
cause we both didn't want to drink and stuff so we were
like sure, nothing happened that night we just talked and
then fell asleep, in the same bed, but NOTHING happened
that night at all! the next day and night was pretty much
the same we (luke and I) hung out the whole time, that
night we were talking about relationships ( I hadn't said
anything about John yet) and we were on the subject of
kissing about how we both wanted to be kissed, I had just
finished explaining and turned to him and was like "You know what I
mean?" and instead of answering he kissed me, exactly how I described
at first it shocked me and I almost gave in but then John's face
flashed in my mind, I pulled away and promptly told him ALL
about John, we talked for more than an hour about John and
me, he totally understood and said he was sorry for kissing
me, not sorry that he did it because he enjoyed it but
sorry that he put me in that kind of a situation. So yeah
do I tell John or not? I hate being in this situation.