2002-07-02 21:20:26 (UTC)

Quilting and Other Plans

I was up early in the morning and did my baking before it
got hot. I made sub sandwiches for lunch and then brought
all the boys over the country house where they could do
yardwork and clean up with their Dad for a few hours. This
meant I had the house to myself for a few hours. I used it
to work a bit on the Little Pink Vase Quilt top. I want to
finish this top (20 x 24), the Buttonwood Basket top (32 x
44) and Prairie Rose (50 x 50). The first two are from
Fat Quarter Fancywork and the last is from the latest Quilt
Sampler magazine. All three are relatively simple forward
applique quilts so I should be able to finish them all this

John will be working day shift on the Fourth of July but
he'll be home in the evening for dinner and celebrations.
The next day is his 54th birthday. I'll be making a
strawberry shortcake for his birthday cake as that's his

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