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2002-07-02 20:59:27 (UTC)

Yet another update

Well, it's still Tuesday. I'm sitting here at the computer
looking out at the rain. Yes, it's still raining. Now it's
just drizzling, and the drops make perfect circles ripple
across the puddles and in the pool. Everything is finally
green here. And green of every shade you can imagine. It's
easier at times like this to remember that FL is really a
tropical area. The rain is very calming to me. I don't
know why. Maybe it's because I'm such a water girl. I'd be
perfectly content to be an ocean living creature. Doesn't
matter which one really.

I was looking at real estate in Maine today. Sent away for
information about coastal properties. I'm going to design
and build my dream house on the coast of Maine where I can
look out the windows and see the storms roll in....and the
foam from the crashing waves shoot many feet up in the air
from between the rocks.

To hear a storm howling outside, and rattling my home
while I am safely indoors sitting in front of a roaring
fire with a book and a hot drink [a man would do as
well :)] One day, I will have it. It will take some time,
and a lot of planning and patience and money and work, but
that dream will come true. It's one of the very few dreams
I have, and I'm holding onto it tightly.