Kat Eyes
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2002-07-02 20:41:27 (UTC)

July 1, 2002

Well, I guess things made a turn for the better. (a little
bit) grandpa re-scheduled our plans for san diego. We leave
tomorrow in the early afternoon. And they’re still not
speaking. (now I know where dad gets it from) sot his
morning I got up at 9:30 (which for me I like the freggin
crack of dawn) and I got up to help grandma do some baking
and preparing. We made 2 french apple pies and potato
salad. It wasn’t too bad, but I feel dead on my feet. And
judy and I went down to bean town which is in town. We
walked down there. We played chess and it wasn’t too bad!
She was majorly stressed though so I had to review moves a
lot. But it was still fun. The guy who made my rootbeer
float was kind of cute! (in a geeky guy kinda of way) and I
talked to Jenn online last night. Lee sent her an e-mail
and she forwarded it to me to show me what a dick he is.
And he is! OMG what a pussy! He’s whining b/c he wants Jenn
to like him but she doesn’t and he’s talking shit b/c h
doesn’t know what else to do. Oh well, life goes on. I’m
also going back home on Sunday! I feel so bad for saying it
but I’m so anxious to get home. I feel bad b/c of grandma
and grandpa. They’ve done so much for me since I’ve been
out here, yet I wanna go home. I can’t help it though. I
would rather be anywhere else than staying w/ fighting
people. I’ve been living w/ it too long. I can hardly wait
until I get a car and when dad and lissa fight (which they
will eventually) I can just drive away and I don’t really
have to come back. It’s gonna be great. Oh! Ryan Ritchie e-
mailed me last night! He got his own computer! He’s so
lucky. His dad’s an attourney and ryan has a sweet red car
and it had a tv in the back seat but he had to take it out
b/c he was afraid it’dmelt in the heat of the day. He wants
me to help him set up a website. He saw mine and he wants
one too. I’ll help him, b/c hes my friend and all, but I
think I should make sure that cody totally trusts me first.
I think he does, but I wanna run the idea by him anyways.
Oh, well. I’m gonna get goin’. L8r.