2002-07-02 20:40:38 (UTC)

the step-sister from hell!

This is what my step-sister..Ashley... wrote my mom~

My father would have EVERYTHING if he didnt marry you. He
would have his motorcycle, job, kids, everything! He has
left before and moved to Lake
Whales and had visitation and everything. He lost his life
by marrying you.
You took his life. He was cool before you too. I don't know
what you think
you are pulling but I hate to tell you it isn't gunna work.
When he sees
through you he'll leave you. I hope he does because he can
do so much
better. He is a great guy and doesn't need to be drug down
by scum like you.
I hope you chokes on your own words. I really hope you do.
I don't mean that
out of bitterness. Go cry an ocean and flood your house.
Send my dad with
the raging river right back here. Maybe then he'd be happy.
I bet you put
some kind of love spell on him. You are low, extremely low.
You try to sound
all religious by pulling this "i'm the nice person" act.
Look at the things
you say and how much you cut my family down. I would call
your lazy butt
(because I'm sure you don't work, you probably live off my
fathers money)
but my phone line is busy and you'd hang up. You just don't
want to deal
with the truth. I've figured you out already, it won't be
long before you're
exposed and your true colors shine. Have fun ruining my
father like you've
ruined every other guy you've been with. Ever wonder why
the never hang
around? It's rather obvious. Go choke. If my mom didn't
care about my father
she would have thrown him in jail becasue legally she can!
I bet that'd make
you happy, take his money and possesions and move on to
other people.
Oh...and about being called a typical teenager...I wonder
if my father would
tell you I'm typical. I wonder if he appreciates his kids
being called
typical. There is nothing typical about me. If you knew me
you'd know that.
I'm the opposite of you. I have everything going for me.
I'm outgoing,
creative, fun, funny, pretty, smart, and talented. So shove
your typical
boring teenage daughter up your butt. We aren't all that
way! I wish the
hypocritical people like you would fall off the face of the
Earth. I hope
you enjoy ruining my father.

Ok... first of all my mom isnt dragging anyone down and yes
she does have a job and steve doesnt like kareen anymore
she fucking tried to kill him! ok why do u think he left
her cuz she is a pshyco! Im not typical and u all can just
go to hell... dont write us dont talk to us and leave us
the fuck alone! me my brother and my mother u can talk to
ur dad i dont care about that! but dont say shit to my mom
cuz u dont even know her~! so fuck all of u! ur just a
hatefull little shit and i think the whole world would
agree with me!

Im out~
Amanda Jean!

~excuse my language but im pissed~