fake plastic diary
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2002-07-02 19:26:38 (UTC)

literary lists

i know what i forgot to list! how stupid of me. my
favourite books. too hard! erm, okay, some of my favourite

*watership down-richard adams
*nostradamus ate my hamster-robert rankin
*crime and punishment-fyodor dostoevsky
*lord of the flies-william golding
*1984-george orwell
*animal farm-george orwell
*a wrinkle in time-madeline l'engle
*a clockwork orange-anthony burgess
*mort-terry pratchett

the last books i read
*apocalypso-robert rankin
*mrs frisby and the rats of NIMH-robert c.o'brien
*mein kampf-adolf hitler
*i'm the king of the castle-susan hill
*z for zachariah-robert c.o'brien
*the kenneth williams diaries-kenneth williams

fav authors;
*robert rankin
*terry pratchett
*enid blyton

fav plays (to read);
*an inspector calls-j.b. priestly
*death of a salesman-arthur miller
*much ado about nothing-william shakespeare
*the importance of being earnest-oscar wilde
*our day out-willy russel

again, this started out fun, but im now bored. so next time
i write a proper entry i'll include nother list. my fav
poems or sommat. i mite include a new strange list with
every entry i do. yeah. well, stop writing.