OhBaby It Is Me

2002-07-02 19:08:00 (UTC)

Midnight, double meaning!

I had a bunch of fun yesterday doing nothing be sign
my sister up for summer school. Last night was so funny,
Brian and Travis can over at like midnight, and I talked to
them and Brian was actually kind off pissy, but besides
that he wasn't bad at all, and I was the only person to
mention Chrissy directly, but that was only to tell the
underwear story. (swim trunks!!) Besides that, the convo
was light and I faught with Travis. I really don't have
anything against Brian and now I hope we can hang out alot
more. I'm suppose to get my car tonight, but then again I
was suppose to get it a week ago. Travis Nick and Tim all
said that they wanted me to take them for a ride, but one
of them... well lets not get into that! My life is tops
now, oh and I changed my profile so it's just the way I
want it to be, you should read it, it's the truth!!

Oh I almost forgot to mention that there is this person online, who
keeps on bugging me and not telling me who they are...