fake plastic diary
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2002-07-02 18:58:47 (UTC)

these are a few of my fav things

i think it might be fun to make some lists.(in random
orders) as i have nothing better to do.

my fav bands;
*the bloodhound gang
*green day

fav films;
*watership down
*clockwork orange
*saving private ryan
*life of brian
*beauty and the beast

songs that remind me of good times;
*sunscreen song, baz luhrman-reminds me of when we were
about 14 and we used to eat and play ball games out on the
school field at dinnertimes in the summer.that song was
always on the radio.
*saltwater, chicane-reminds me when we did a seance at
quails house with this in the background. we spilled candle
wax on the new carpet. tried to hoover up the mess with a
poor hand held vacuum cleaner. unsuccessful.
*come on eileen, dexys-reminds me of the ska version we
skanked to at the jesse james gig, also reminds me of prom.
*tainted love, soft cell-same as come on eileen
*YMCA-so many memories on so many occasions!
*why do birds suddenly appear (i think the songs called
close to you.)-erm, is it by the carpenters? well anyway,
we made up some good lyrics to that song. and danced to it
on many occasions. laaaalalala close to yooouuu!

bands i used to like when i was younger (and indeed still
*lightning seeds
*new order

fav songs (at this moment in time);
*hotwired-jesse james
*by the way-chilis
*pure morning-placebo
*town called malice-the jam

most played albums recently;
*hotwired (okay, i know its an ep)-jesse james
*ok computer-radiohead
*is this it?-the strokes

have i made enough lists? can a person ever make enough
lists? well, erm, yes. i just cant think of anything else
to make a list of.