female Christian Internet-addict

Codename: Hannah
2001-06-26 11:11:06 (UTC)

Summer is GREAT!

Oh my gosh, you guys! I'M REALLY HAPPY!!!
I met this guy about 5 weeks ago, at a concert, he'S a
punk, he's soo sweet! Well, I talked to him and started to
like him, but then all of a sudden he was gone and I only
knew his first name, the theater he sometimes plays at and
that he was wearing a "dramabar"-T-Shirt.

Well, I called the theater and found out his last name, and
I called all those ppl in the phone book but no one knew
Then I remembered his T-shirt, but it took me a while to
find that stupid bar, but then I called there and left a
message for him and he called back the same night and we
went to a movie yesterday and he is SOO GREAT!

Oh, when we met, there was this old guy who was behaving
really weird! He was walking sidewards and trying to cross
a street and first I was alone trying to hold him and then
he and his Gothic friend came and helped me and got a nurse
person from the train station pretty close by and she told
us, he was mentally okay, just had problems talking. RIGHT,

That kind of reminded me of the story of the good
Samaritan, because the last people you'd expect to help,
did, while the "good citizens" stood around and stared.
Pretty sad, isn't it?

Well, I gotta go, I have plans for today ;-)


PS: And guys don't suck ;-)