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Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
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2002-07-02 18:27:54 (UTC)

I cheated on Garrett. I feel..

I cheated on Garrett. I feel awful, I deserve to die. I
have a best friend named Greg and yesterday I went over to
his house and we were in his room and I was liying on his
bed. He started to kiss me all over my bodey, and moved
toward my mouth and I was like “stop, I cant do this” and
he kept going and again I was like “stop” and he did’nt. I
felt like I needed to be loved so I started making out with
him. I never see garrett and he’s never there when I need
him, I love him so much, but I need more than he can give
right now. I couldent help it, I jus feel like I need some
attention here. I’m not going to dump Garrett, I would
never do that, I love him too much, but this is eating me
alive and I don’t kno wat to do. I made out with my best
friend and it was completely wrong, and the scariest part
is :Id probably do it again. I’m so scared, this is not
good, I cheated on my bf with my best friend because I
wanted attention, I was selfish, and I liked it. I only
thought about myself I don’t think I could do anything
worse than this. Garrett cant find out, he cant, if he does
it would be over and I need garret more than anything in
the world. I don’t kno wat to do because it’s making me go
crazy inside, I cant eat or sleep, I need to think about
this for a while.

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