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2001-06-26 10:14:06 (UTC)

2nd day of skool...

i wanna run like de breeze!

im sick of being number two all the time. but thats my
problem. i talked to nani yesterday.. bleah... i was ever
complaining and i guess she had enuf of me. told me to grow
up. shesh.. ouch.well, maybe she just dont understand my
problems.. i dont expect her to.. its good enuf she listens
and bothers in the first place...
im too darn lazy to say what she said... but it woke me up.
i dont wanna be a standby, numero dos anymore...
shit lah.

oh yah, did i mention im goin on a diet? well, i am. and it
hurts goddamnit. but i shall persevere... till then... imma
gonna go now...

eat somemore carrots..

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