A Ballad of Excellent Destruction
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2001-06-26 09:11:37 (UTC)


I stood there as if it was all happening because of me, I
made the comfort of a wonderful weekend, everybody had a
great time at my house, I cant wait till the next time i get
to have the place to myself, A little bit o
methydroxcloridmethanphatmein (or how ever the hell you
spell it) lots of nookie and you had my house. it was the
house of ill repute, a hippy convention of mass mind
altering peacefull serenity, If only there was bean bags
and throwpillows it would have been Brooklyn all over
again. CrazyBean and her man Hopsononefoot stayed but had
to go because his parents are whacked, my sorrow goes out to
hopsononefoot for your prison life at home, worry not bro.
you'll escape and live on your own and never need to worry
again. I had tribulations that exceeded his house life so I
know what kills you not, only makes you stronger. Having
lived in a house with a drug addict stepfather who was in the
hells angels, was by no means a happy man, why is it
parents can be so me and inferior to their kids. I though
you were supposed to love your kids, not take out the
aggression's from the shit parents put up with out on their
children. I guess they like to show control, exerting some sort
of power to warn them who's king....

you see in a day and age of reckless society, foolish
manners, the devil sits, preached over us all, waiting for
the moment to exert control of the inspirations and feed off
lust and greed, To manipulate the common man into the
animal they truly are. the evil shape that morphed from one
menaceing dopplganger to the next, marking the souls of once
good people in to the demons they are today,
perhaps it was the temptations that eve felt when she
picked the apple from the forbidden tree, almost making the
sins of humans acceptable in some sort of premonition,
Pandora's box the arc of the covident, what were the evils
of man doing here if they where never mente to be, there
is a balance to the structure of life a balance of good and
evil, prodastensts are fighting the Muslims, the feud over the
holy land which many have died for a religious cause. Is
this the work of the devil? has he caused all this, with
all the destruction and chaos in the world who is to blame
if God is good, who fights the evil in this world? Did God
start these wars? why is it ok to kill for the government
but not all right to kill in the name of any thing else,
murder comes for Cain who slew Able, Cain was cast away
never to be see again. He was the first to kill. He killed
out of jealousy showing the world a do to evil and to
azazel Cain be came a Satan, showing us the devil is in
side the lust, the greed, the lies, perhaps this is not
real, this is all made up, Catholics manipulated the world
it was a time that any thing good was for God and the bad was
for "devil". but we have all hated at one point,
felt lust and greed ... the devil is in us all we just need
to tame him good


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