... SheLL*z . LyFe ...
2002-07-02 16:39:04 (UTC)

Im Confused

Im so confused about everything . Mostly about they guys in
my life . I dont knoe what i want and it bothers me that i
dont . Here it goes... theres Phil . hes so0o nice even
when i bust him about mandee( whole 'nother topic ), i mean
yea he gets mad but he gets over it . .n. hes such a
cutie . i like him .n. all .n. im pretty sure he knoes .n.
nothing happened between us yet . im pretty sure its the
age thing we're like 4 or 5 years apart but still that
shouldnt matter . Anyway . then theres Marc . im pretty
sure he knoes i think hes hott but he dont knoe that i like
him in the boyfriend way . .n. besides he likes bruno ( i
think . he denys it but im sure he does ).n. thats okay .n.
all but i like him and usually im not shy about telling
sumone when i like 'em but this time i am .n. i dont knoe
y . maybe i just like him alot i dont knoe . Now theres
eddie . i met him at a carvanial ( yes hes a carnie but hes
freakin hott! ask ne one ) the thing with him is he dont
knoe my real age . but omg i really like him he treated me
like a princess the whole two days i was with him . called
me beautiful all the time . ya knoe just kept giving me
compliments all the time .n. thats what i want from a guy .
now the thing with eddie is i havent seen him in like 2
months but im seeing him on the 4th of July .n. im
nervous .n. excited at the same time. Ill let ya knoe what
happens . And last but not least theres Adrain . now ive
known this kid my whole life, im not even joking . im best
friends with his sister . but their in foster homes .n.
they moved away but they come down every so often to
visit . now recently their mother passed away .n. they
came down for the funeral, then this thing with me .n.
adrain happened . it was weird . he started holding my
hand .n. the next thing i knew we were making out .n. his
hands were all over me . now dont get me wrong Adrain is
fucking hott .n. all but after everything happened i
wondered y cuz he has a girlfriend . i just never pictured
myself with adrain . not in a million years . ne way thats
the problems with the guys in my life . i really need to
pick one i really wanna be with . but i cant . maybe if i
knew how they felt itd be different .

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