fake plastic diary
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2002-07-02 15:51:28 (UTC)

college induction day

hiya! sounds like u had a shit time. aw i feel bad for u.
football sucks. it really does. if it was me i would av
lost the ball accidentally on purpose by kicking it into a
tree or hiding it while his back was turned, or i would av
faked an injury. anyway, u dont need him that bad as a mate
surely? u make it sound like ur going to war with this guy
against the rest of the world, but ur not! or are you....?
hmmmm. he sounds pretty dull. going to sleep at 11 and
suchlike. i'll tell what ur problem was. rain dances make
it rain, they dont stop it. uve cursed the weather! thats
why its been pissing it down all day today and yesterday so
that my trainers were too soggy to wear this morning.
i had to get up at daft o clock this morning. i never knew
that theres a 6.30 in the morning. but there is. and i had
to get the bus to college. god i hate buses. whats
ridiculous here is that u get a pass when ur 14-16, but
when ur 16 u have to pay adult fare until u go to college
and then u get a student card and have to pay child fare
again. so since september ive been supposed to pay adult
fare which is expensive, but when i start college i get
reduced rate again. erm, how ridiculous is that? i never
have paid full fare tho. im good at excuses, except the
other day. we had returns, but the driver still asked to
see our passes. i have no pass obviously so he asked how
old i was and i said 16...i mean 15. it was hilarious. i
just stood there laughing. he still let me on tho. oh i
fucking hate this song. bloody s club juniors or whatever
the little retards are called. my bro keeps putting it on
to piss me of.....well, thats his excuse. i bet he just
likes the song. hes sad like that. well, college was kinda
crappy. the woman we had for a tutor talked more shit than
i do. and thats saying something! im in this mentoring
thing for ppl who get at least 6 As. i'll be lucky to get 6
Cs. the theatre studies was okay. we passed some poles
round in a circle. apparently to build trust and stuff like
that. i remember doin that at primary school when i was
about 7. but the course sounds pretty good. theory,
performing and appreciation. then the french turned out to
be a nightmare. im good at french but i felt like a fool.
we had these weird headphone things so u can listen to the
tape as much as u like, and then we had to do this thing
where the headphones act like a telephone system and u have
to talk in french to other ppl in the room who u dont know
in french. its fuckin strange. oooh speaking of french my
bro just put on that cool french song moi loitta by alizee
or whatever shes called. i have a thing for foreign music.
back to college....at dinner we went to burger king for
convenience. back on campus, there was this band who are
students at the college playing. they were pretty good. i
hope they get famousish. then we could say that we heard
them when they were at college. its made me want to be in a
band. the only problem is that i cant play or sing
anything. ah well. then in the afternoon i had a history
lesson. i think history will be okay, but the topics are so
odd. like all russians and prussians like peter the great
and catherine the 12th and all crap like that. and the guy
is mad. one of those really weird involved history type
people. his fav subject is robert peel who was prime
minister and invented the police force. probly cos he came
from bury. which is why we have to study him as well. then
lastly came eng lit, which was okay. the texts we have to
do are poor. but theres nowt i can do about that. overall
the day was pretty dull and i am really tired. need some
more coffee. i think i'll go make some. oh, ur last
sentence confused me. with the help of frank.....is frank
ur cats name? if not then i am as confused as always. not
that i suppose it matters.ignore me.
i want some new clothes. i really want a pair of grey
pants, like combat pants or sommat. im gonna have to go
shopping. not that ive got any money. and i really want
some platform trainers. there are so many nice shoes and
trainers in schu in town. oh and i want a pink t-shirt. but
not pastel pink. ew. and i need some new socks. i didnt
notice how poor and threadbare they all are until my mum
pointed it out yesterday. my mum didnt get new glases but
she to go to the hospital cos theres pressure on her eyes
or sommat. i think one of her relatives has that too.
knowing my luck it will run in the family and i'll end up
blind or something. im getting really paranoid about family
illness and stuff. both my parents are prone to illness,
both mental and physical. there have been heart attacks on
both sides of my family and mental illness on both sides.
not looking good for me. no wonder i get depressed so much.
and ive not felt too good recently. i keep going dizzy and
i can feel my heart beating wrongly. makes no sense, but
its sommat not right. oh shit. my brother is singing. lol.
its so funny! hes singing that song by chad kroenger (u
know-the guy from creed whos name i cant spell) the one
from the spiderman movie. my brother makes me laugh when he
sings. everyone in family is tone deaf. especially my
auntie. she hates all music cos she doesnt hear it
properly. she cant even sing happy birthday in tune. i have
never heard my dad sing. and i have never seen him dance. i
think its a bit strange. but hes like that. do u like the
red hot chili peppers? i absolutely love them. i wish i
could go see em. i'll just av to make do with buying the
album. yet more money to spend. grrrrrrr. and i wanna go
get tickets to see biffy clyro/hell is for heroes at the
roadhouse. even if they are playing at leeds. i still wanna
see them.
gotta go now. hope ur feeling in a better mood now uve had
a while to recover from ur ordeal. loads and loads of hugs
and smooches from lisa with the tingly feeling in her
toes....more commonly know as pins and needles. or maybe
its love.....nope. definately pins and needles. ow fuck!