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2001-06-26 07:25:27 (UTC)

Please don't leave me.

I was at my girlfriends house today. I love being with her.
Anywayz when I got home I got an instant message from my
friend Tod. Hes leaving tonight. LEAVING! WHAT?! Hes moving
to Chicago tonight, he didn't want to tell me until today
so that we could hang for the last days as if everything
was fine. I went to his house and we said our goodbyes.
When he was about to get into the car he ran over and huged
me he told me to never change. He reminded me of the times
I helped him out with his parents devorce. We both just
busted into tears. Through blury, crieng eyes I watched as
his family drove away. One less friend. I don't have many
friends. I can't afored to lose anymore.I'm bummed about
Tod, but what happend, happend and being sad aint gunna
change that fact. I know I'm going to miss hanging out with
Tod, he was a really cool guy. I'm ok tho. As long as my
girlfriend, April, doesn't leave me I'll be fine.