Dark Secrets
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2002-07-02 15:22:52 (UTC)

one leg, two boats

i had a big quarrel with him once again...Im too tired to
tell everything here. I'm just so exhausted with the whole
thing and ken. The big thing i remembered was Fung said.."
anything" when i told him that i will cut myself. And, he
hung up straight after that. He's cold blooded.

I called Ken, asked him for help, in the end, i ask him to
be my two-timer. He is a very horny guy, he asked me for
the dos and don'ts, i told him no room matters, he
immediately explained that that is not two timing
anymore...After furthur persuasions, he gave in, ahahha,
he said...just dun call it two timing :P watever, i told
him, how can u not take it when im giving u a chance to be
with me....He dotes me all these while...
anyway, he has a gf....I"m going to treat him much better
than how she treats him, ahhaha....i want him acknowledge
that im such a wonderful gf.

I need him as my so damn weak....I dun wanna
be sad with the only guy who treats me bad...
cya diary, wish me luck.