Mysterious Attitude
2002-07-02 15:21:51 (UTC)

TIME TO WRITE/pt. 1 School

K...well I'm really behind... so I'm going to do a quick
rundown of things in about 4 different pages.

Page 1: School/notes
Page 2: Relationships/Boys
Page 3: Other events
Page 4: Friends


The last week of school was pretty fun. The 8th graders
were able to dress down all the days!! I was supposed to
perform in 3 choir concerts(or maybe 2) but I missed one b-
cuz I took the Thursday off to go to my old school Iriving
to see my old teachers Miss Wojcik and Mrs. Funcik before
they retired.(more under "GOING TO IRVING) The only reason
I knew they were going to retire is b-cuz me and my mom
were driving in the car and we ran into Miss Wojcik at a
red-light. I talked to her for about 2 minutes and she told
me about it. So I went up there to see them :)
Anywho... back to the last week of school. Its been a few
weeks since then and I can't hardly remember what
happened... I just know that I took my autograph book there
and got a total of... 60 people to sign!! :) Peeps at
school love me... they really did lol. As usual all the
days we had left were pretty boring and we just spent our
time in classes talking, playing games, and listening to
music. I miss my friends already and it feels so weird not
having to wake up early and stuff :( But hey.... summer is
here so why not have fun?

~*~*~A HUG~*~*

I dunno when it happened but sumtime before school ended,
in my 3rd hour which is typing; I was sitting there talking
to the people that sit by me. When out of no where Kalton
looked at me was was like "Can I get a hug? I feel like
hugging somone"... I just looked at him like he was crazy
and hugged him. Hehe I had a crush on him anyway, he's
really sweet and stuff :) I tell ya he made my day :)


I missed Thursday I think it was to go to my old school
Irving. I woke up on time as if I was going to school.... I
went up to the school to see if Adrian had my necklace and
my mom's money. He didn't but I told him what I was doing
and that I wouldn't be at school the whole day. I went up
to Irving at around noon but all the teachers were in a
meeting so I went back at 1. I just walked around talked to
sum teachers, (mostly Miss B, my old gym teacher) and I
chilled outside on the old bench around the tree for about
an hour until my mom came to get me. I tell ya so many
memories came to me while I was sitting on the bench. Like
how I used to watch Arturo and chill wit everyone.
::sniff:: Me miss all my old friends :(


On the last day of school George told me he would come up
to my school to give me a Standing 8 cd. It was raining
that day and he actually stood outside for an half hour to
give the cd to me. It was soo hard getting to where he was
cuz all my friends kept stopping me. As I was walking and
waiting for Adrian... Migual this gay/bi guy Erica goes to
school with called me and was like "Where's Adrian" I just
pointed down the hall and said "Umm sumwhere down there...
he should be coming at any minute." Anyway he must've found
him cuz they came back together. I guess from what I over
heard that Adrian and him might be hooking up. :::sings Go
Adrian go Adrian go.. it's your birthday::: Adrian made me
take a picture of Miguel and George. My mom ended up taking
both Adrian and George home. On the way in the car Adrian
put whipped cream on my face! lol We took George home first
and Adrian went down to my mom's work so he could call his
mom. He wanted to spend the day with me and Erica cuz he
was leaving to go to Mexico for the summer the next day.
His mom didn't let him tho cuz she wanted to take him out.:(
So she came and picked him up. Me haven't heard from him
since. Erica told me he called her and told her he had been
tryin to call me but couldn't get thru. (before he left) Oh
I was so pissed off cuz my mom was online and wouldn't get
off :( I miss him sooooo much!!!


The last Wednesday of school I think it was me, Erica, and
Adrian walked home from school. It took us an hour and a
half to get back to my house. On the way we ran into some
of the peeps from my school (Deyown, Luis, and Alex). So we
talked to them for a little bit and kept on walking. We
stopped by a Mexican store to get sum ice cream cuz it was
sooo hot. Umb... oh yea on the way Adrian got a hard on.
Erica seen it.. told me... and me got headache! lol I later
found out the reason he got like that was b-cuz of Miguel.
(it was the first day that he found out Miguel was like
that and thought he was cute)
When we got back to my house we chilled inside for a
little while then walked down to the park. (more detals on
what happened on page 4)


Well, thats all I had about school in the notes that I
wrote down. I can't believe I will be in highschool in
about a month or so. Hehe damn I'm getting old quick! I
guess I shall go and do the next page! Peace!!

Wit an X & O I'm out like whoa!!!