No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-07-02 15:06:15 (UTC)

i am really mad now

Now I am PISSED. Extremely PISSED. I was up til freaking
3:30 with the noise of the damn trucks across the street
and was woken up at 10 with those damn trucks. I have no
freaking water. I am covered in gray is my
cat...and we need to take showers! I can't wash clothes or
anything else that I needed to do today day. I am mad. I am
about to call the police or the Homeowners Asocciation. I
live in a deed restricted area where this noise isn't
tolerated. Nor are these stupid idiots parking trucks in
front of mailboxes and infront of our houses. I am gunna go
out there and yell soon. I cant even hear my own music they
hate contruction people.

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