The bald guy with one ball and stumps fo
2001-06-26 06:48:36 (UTC)

Lies, Lies, Lies!

You know, life tends to get the best of ya sometimes! I
just lost the one person who loved me very much, and i love
her too! i lost her because of my lies! i lied about
EVERYTHING! And it got me nowhere! it got me nothing! i
should have told the truth, i shouldn't have lied! i had
someone whom i REALLY loved, more than ANYTHING! and i
still do love her. i lost her and found out the hard way.
lying gets you NOWHERE! i wish i could go back in time to
the first time i ever lied to her! i would have told her
the truth and more, i would have told her that i have
problems! i would have told her that i was a chronic liar
and a very sad person. i was depressed and i was hiding
behind drugs, and pills and everything! I took meds for my
depression, but nothing seemed to work. then, i met this
girl, Megan. the most beautiful girl i had ever laid my
eyes on! she had something about her that drove me totally
nuts! this personality that was just orgasmic! these eyes
that would make me melt everytime i looked into them! she
had something that i wanted! i wanted everything in her! i
wanted her touch, her lips, her eyes, her smell, her love!
i got everything i wanted and more! with her i felt like i
could rule the fuckin world! i fell in love with that
beautiful girl and asked her to marry me, and you know
what???? she said yes! i was sooooo happy! i wanted the
whole world to know. i wanted to brag up and down about my
baby. and i did, but soon after, it all ended, and life was
nothing again. i just want her to know that i am truly
sorry for what i did! i mean this! i love her and i will
always love her!

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