2001-06-26 06:13:28 (UTC)

June 26, 2001

Dear Tyler,
Hey my friend Court is visiting from Barcelona. oh her
and I dyed our hair today. Nick was supposed to help us
but bailed out at the last minute. My whole family went to
a water park today...Court and I stayed home...I have
Summer school. AHHHHHHHH! Well not much has been going on
really. Just sitting doing nothing. Oh Court met Mitch the
other day. He's gone right now though....he's at a sort of
church camp thingie. Don and Shane met Court the other
day. Of course she thinks Shane is a cutie...but he's
dating Nemesis. On the other hand Don likes Court but I
like him so screw that option. I don't know what Mitch
would think about me liking Don. Tomorrow I'm going to the
beach with Court...who knows maybe the guys will come too.
I have to take my drivers test tomorrow @ 8:00 am!!!
EARLY!! I hope I dont fail! I hope I dont fail! I hope I
dont fail! I hope I dont fail! AHHHHHHHHH!!! Well I got to
go do something special with Court to go. Lots of
love. xoxoxoxo

Love Always,