My Life.............
2002-07-02 14:15:21 (UTC)

I cant keep this to myself any..

I cant keep this to myself any more.:( I know what i did
was wrong, i keep trying to justify it by telling myself
that they are no longer together, but, i still feel bad
about it, and dont want anyone to know, i did tell A. about
it, well, not all of it, she doesnt know i slept with
I thought it would be hard to face my sister, but, it
really wasnt, and when she came to Bobbys house and Bill was
sitting there, he said to me "dont you feel uncomfortable?
you slept with me and your sisters here" and i said
"no"....and they talked, my sister wants to get back with
him, but, he said "not right now", so, i dont know if he
still loves her or what, i know i like him, i never thought
i could feel this way about him, but, i do........*sigh*
Oh, Bill's cousin wants to date Holly!!!!! at first we
thought he was gay, but, he said he liked my sister.LOL came
as a surprise.LOL and Bobby was mad cause bill's cousin told
him that he liked Holly, i always knew Bobby liked Holly, i
even told Bill that he did, and he was like "I never knew
that", i always knew..........