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2002-07-02 09:03:03 (UTC)

a story to tell - remembering Augusto 2k1

My friend Carol is with some people she thinks he is a
friend. But he is a lier and a people that does not mind
about what would happen to people.
He was the people lied about me in August 2k1 to Mel. And
he stoled all hope of her. And leaded her to addictions.
He thinks a girl that have addictions in more weak and ease
to use. But he went wrong. Mel knew the story and left him
and got some people. A tough people that even he was bad
he had some heart and protect her against him and other
coward false friends.
I have a story to tell. I will see what Carol is want to
get. Maybe she is trying to heal herself with some people
she thinks is older ex boy friend of Mel. And tried to do
not remember the false friend he is.
I will go to big city to make some work. And maybe I will
help some people. But people choices what want but after
mistakes. I only could show the way but they can choice
the right path.
A day with clouds in Winter in my home town. But day would
be good.

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