My Diary
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2002-07-02 10:00:23 (UTC)

I love you

Some people can say I LOVE YOU easily. And some people
can't even say I LOVE YOU to someone that they really
love. I still remember dearly when you said I LOVE YOU to
me. Did you really mean it when you said that? I am
started to have doubt about it. I did mean it when I said
that to you.

If we were really going to spend the rest of our life with
each other, why can't we deal with this now? Look at it
this way, this could be a good learning exercise for us,
and again,if you can't even let youself/us to work this
out. How could you expect that we are going to face the
rest of our life with together? ( I guess you abviously
couldn't because you are now trying to get away from this
now) There will be many more ups and downs to come.

I am started to tell myself that maybe this is a I
shouldn't put too much hope on this anymore. I am only
willing to give out my hope to someone who also have the
same hope with me on this precious relationship. At the end
of the day, relationship takes two and goes both ways. Deep